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A Dim Halo

I can see your eyes when the stars hang low

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Team Chryed
Supporting friendship Teams: Tanyed/Chroxy/Sydie
Team Gilet
Team YBDT (Yusef Bio-Dad Theory)
Team Physical Danger and Daring Rescue!
Team Manny

From the first kiss... the engagement...

It's been a bumpy ride but we got there!

<3 Christian and Syed!

Current banner: Christian Clarke and Syed Masood, montage made by [personal profile] indehed.
Current mood theme: Christian/Syed by [personal profile] indehed.

I own and maintain [profile] dkeb, [profile] tuckerreed and [profile] archerreed

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10th kingdom, a town called eureka, aled jones, anthony montgomery, anton du beke, artemis fowl, bearded collies, big bang theory, blood ties, boyzone, brian nolan, bruce campbell, buffy the vampire slayer, burn notice, buster keaton, california, caroline in the city, castiel, castle, charlie schlatter, chewin' the fat, christian clarke,, chryed, chuck, cleopatra 2525, concerts, connor trinneer, david mccallum, david moretti, dead like me, dean winchester, desmonds, diagnosis murder, dominic keating, dr horrible's sing-along blog, eastenders, eddie izzard, enterprise, epcot center, ethan novakovich, fanfic, film, florida, folle d'elle, glee, hercules the legendary journeys, himym, i love lucy, icons, illya kuryakin, invisible man, iolaus, jack of all trades, jeff dunham, jeffrey donovan, jensen ackles, jim gaffigan, john billingsley, john oliver, john partridge, jon stewart, jungle2jungle, las vegas, lilia kopylova, m*a*s*h, malcolm reed, man from uncle, marc elliott, michael hurst, michael mcintyre, michael shanks, misha collins, movies, my boys, nathan fillion, ncis, neil patrick harris, numb3rs, orlando, peter stickles, psych, quantum leap, queer as folk uk, red dwarf, relic hunter, rocky horror, rose and crown, royal pains, san diego, scott bakula, st johnstone, star trek, star trek enterprise, star wars, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, starsky and hutch, stephen colbert, stephen gately, strictly come dancing, supernatural, syed masood, teenage health freak, the colbert report, the daily show, the immortal, the lair, the professionals, theatre, treksoap, ucsd, vampire diaries, vincent simone, walt disney world, white collar, will & grace, xena warrior princess, young hercules
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